Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Name Tagging" graffiti book from Martha Cooper

In "Name Tagging", graffiti photography legend Martha Cooper presents a dizzying array of “Hello My Name Is” stickers adorned with tags, the origin of graffiti and today’s street art cultures. Cooper’s introduction, artist interviews and photographs make clear how artists famed and anonymous take advantage of the accessibility and practicality of name tag stickers. From CLAW MONEY and NECK FACE to TWIST, SURE, FAUST, COSBE and many, many more, Cooper’s camera has captured the artistry and audacity of these artists and their distinctive tags.

Name Tagging recognizes the variety and innovation of tags, crediting the form’s history while demonstrating how old school methods breed some of today’s most exciting graffiti. This book contains 96 pages measuring 6.25" x 6.25" and is full color throughout. You can pick it up via Amazon's website HERE!

Source[Mark Batty Publisher]