Tenacious Toys x Playful Gorilla - Solid resin "Skinny Minis" Skinny Caps!

The folks over at Tenacious Toys took Playful Gorilla's popular Skinny Cap design (which they previously produced as a full-sized DIY vinyl) and minified it! These new solid resin Skinny Minis measure 3" wide and 2.75" tall. Smooth, perfect, clean, and weigh about as much as a baseball. Perfect for customizing with paint, pens or markers. Or for self defense... just saying, they fit nicely in your hand... Edition of 100, packed safely in a box with foam inner. Grab a Skinny Mini for $24.99 each on Wednesday, Jan 3rd at 12noon EST at TenaciousToys.com - find them on their Resin page!

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