Earth to Kentucky presents: Free Mickey: A Group Art/Toy Exhibition!

Mickey Mouse enterd the Public Domain January 1st, 2024... Earth to Kentucky Celebrates with Free Mickey: A Group Art/Toy Exhibition! After 94 years, the first iteration of Mickey Mouse, who first starred in the animated film Steamboat Willie, entered the public domain on January 1, 2024. To celebrate this moment, artist/ curator Skot Deeming (aka Yoyodyne Toy Division), has partnered with Earth to Kentucky to present a group exhibition which celebrates the critical history of appropriation art that coopts, satirises and remixes the image Mickey Mouse; the most recognizable and notorious corporate mascot in the history of popular culture.
Free Mickey is an art / toy exhibition which features one of a kind toys, custom masks, and other artworks created by 20+ emerging and established artists from across the US and Canada. The works in the exhibition promise to be transgressive, whimsical parodies; with each artist contributing their own ersatz interpretation of the Mouse’s 94 year history. The Exhibition runs in person and online from January 1st to January 25th at Earth to Kentucky and Earth2Kentucky.com - go grab what's left right now!

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