Four new Zhaar Vinyl toys & Website launch from Art Fabula!

In celebration of the upcoming website launch, Juan Martinez aka Art Fabula, is introducing a new color variant of the Geckogon. This 9.8" tall Sofubi toy, crafted in Japan and painted by Juan, is the latest addition to the collection. The release of this Geckogon coincides with the unveiling of four other toys, each a version of King Zhaar and Mecha Zhaar.
To secure these toys and gain access to the Geckogon preorder, you must subscribe to the VIP-Newsletter. The VIP-Vault, accessible with a password that Juan will send in an email, will open on Friday, November 17th. Following a 3-day preorder window, any remaining items will be made available on the standard website. Additionally, King Zhaar and Mecha Zhaar, both vinyl renditions, stand around 6.3 inches (16cm) tall. Head on over HERE to check it all out!

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