“Toxic Patriot” Angry Garga Fink & "Debut" Finknik sofubi figures from Slingshot Supply Co.!

Slingshot Supply Co.'s mail order returns after a month hiatus with the launch of Low Flyers Fight Club: Series 2! Featuring the debut of the ferocious Finknik Fighter in STD size, measuring 4.5" tall with 3 points of articulation, this guy is traditionally produced in peach flesh/neon pink sofubi with mint, pink, black, white sprays and all-new belly decal (and if you order one you have a 25% chance of obtaining the secret chase variant) comes packed with new header art from Hon key Kong along with a matching acrylic pin, sticker and bootleg mini Troll included... all for just $95!
The lil' bruiser is joined by an all-new take on Garga Fink, complete with S2 arms and a menacing snarl. The "TOXIC PATRIOT VER." stands 4.5" tall, has 3 points of articulation, and is produced in green sofubi with light green, white, blue, red, black and grey sprays! Assembled with the all-new LFFC Series 2 arms and Angry Garga Fink head, this comes packed with header art from Honkey Kong along with a matching acrylic pin, sticker and marble included! All for $95 a pop!
Be sure to visit their site HERE this Friday, September 22nd at 8am PST when the "Entry Form" button goes live. Get your entries in before Sunday, September 24th at 8am PST. If applications exceed stock, a lottery will be held to determine successful applicants. Winners will be notified by Monday, September 25th with invoices to be paid 48 hours after receipt.

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