NAKED EMPEROR resin art toy from Emilio Subirá... is weirdly awesome!

Emilio Subirá aka Sickemil has a new art toy figure release ready to go... and this one, it's weird, but in the best way! NAKED EMPEROR is based on the literary folktale "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen. It's a resin toy sculpture with articulated legs, arms, and head. It comes with a framed cardboard with a low relief made of PLA. The figure is attached to the cardboard by magnets. The figure stands 5.2" tall and the frame is 7"x5"! Every piece is hand painted and designed, sculpted, casted and produced by Emilio and every one is signed, dated and numbered and comes with a Authenticity certification included. Everyone of these artworks are a ONE OF A KIND piece and can be found HERE right now for $90 a pop!

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