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Superplastic presents: "Bunny Keeper" & "Bunnykitty" vinyl figures from Persue!

Superplastic is excited to release the newest drop designed by San Diego based graffiti artist Dave Persue aka Persue. This collection brings Persue's 2D characters BunnyKitty and Bunny Keeper to life in soft Superplastic vinyl, featuring one iconic 8-INCH SuperJanky & SuperGuggi. Alongside these masterpieces, the collection is completed with limited-edition apparel.
BunnyKitty was meticulously crafted, this unique piece brings Persue’s iconic 2D BunnyKitty character to life in soft Superplastic vinyl. This SuperGuggi comes adorned with charming mushroom accessories, a custom tail, and Twurp perched atop her head. Limited to 999 made, this will retail for $110 a pop. Bunny Keeper brings Persue’s Bunny Keeper character to life as a SuperJanky! Wearing a 3-inch tall top hat complete with four arms, a magic potion, and a mini hypno-bunny carrying the Bunny Keeper’s hypnotic watch. With that hat, Bunny Keeper is 11-inches tall. Limited to 999 pieces and retailing for $110 a pop. All these will be up for grabs HERE this coming Thursday at 11am PST (ships September 2023)!

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