Tomenosuke "Blaster CHIBI" resin assembly kit!

The Tomenosuke Blaster (metal replica handgun) is famous for being used as the main character's blaster in the 2017 American sci-fi movie "Blade Runner 2049". And now, they have produced a resin snub nose (short barrel) type blaster that is reasonably priced. It is "Tomenosuke Blaster Chibi". It's a resin assembly kit that is thoroughly detailed. The body is molded in one piece, but reproduced with two textures: glossy and non-glossy. After simple deburring and cleanup of parting lines, the realistic model is completed by simply gluing a few parts together... and a display stand is included! If you are interested in this rad replica, hit up Disburst as they will be distrubuting this worldwide.

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