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A story of a story teller... "Muddra" resin art multiple from Yamla!

"In the future, storytelling has evolved to use advanced techniques beyond traditional methods. One such master storyteller named Muddra is known for his ability to tell stories using only his hand gestures. His performances are mesmerizing, and his hand movements seem to take on a life of their own, creating a world of their own. During one of his performances on a distant planet, Muddra's gestures become so intense that the room begins to shake and twist. When the story ends, Muddra disappears, leaving behind a pulsing figurine that is revered as a symbol of the power of storytelling and Muddra's legacy." New from India based artist Dilpreet Singh aka 'Yamla' comes a rad new resin art multiple named "Muddra"... As a manifestation of Muddra, the resin figurine serves as a visual representation of the storyteller's persona, capturing their unique characteristics and charm. The meticulous attention to detail in the figurine's design aims to depict the storytelling prowess, wisdom, and charisma associated with Muddra's legendary status. Releasing in a custom made box with printed slip sleeve, the details are really outstanding for a first release and standing 6" tall, limited to just 30 pieces, you can snag one up HERE right now!

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