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DX GAMUBORU by Slingshot "STONEVIBE" exclusive edition!

Slingshot Supply Co. is steeped in the lowbrow culture that made the original boutique sofvi toy scene so magical; from RatFink to grossout toys, Showa Era ephemera to 30's rubberhose animation and beyond; SSC will play host to a number of highly collectible original toy lines and licensed product... and they’re proud to announce that their first ever retailer exclusive is up for grabs HERE right now from Stonevibehk! The DX “Krazy Eyes” Gamuboru Fink, stands 7" tall and has 3 points of articulation... this has been produced in the toy culture shop/gallery’s signature grey, coming with teal green, orange and off-white sprays with hand painted detailing. Grab one now for HK$860($110) a pop.

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