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Kyle Kirwan presents: "Glorg the Gloom" custom micro-run by Mus Musculus!

Kyle Kirwan’s Bloom Artist Series is back with a twist! A new species of creature is arriving. This is the first sighting of a brand new species: Glooms! Just like Blooms, Glooms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and appearances but while most Blooms are friendly enough, a Gloom will chew on your face until there’s no face left. Glorg is the first of the gruesome Glooms, and they are mean. Mean. Mean. Mean. Watch out for your fingers and major organs. Because they are so mean. Glorg the Gloom is a new collaboration with Mus Musculus (based on the Gloom concept by Kyle Kirwan) Glorg is coming to eat you on Friday, October 28th at 10am PST! Limited to 20 pieces, standing 3" tall, and featuring 2 points of articulation (legs), these will be up for grabs HERE for $40!

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