"Piggy" a new resin art toy from Creators Of Cute!

It’s been a longtime coming but Richard Page of UME Toys has been able to collaborate with his daughter, @creatorsofcute, again and this time it’s a belter. Introducing “Piggy” the cutest oinker this side of the falls. Hand painted by @creatorsofcute this little chunky resin piglet sits over 3" tall and will be signed on his feet and shipped in a header carded bag. Limited to just 10 pieces and retailing for £38.50($42), if you’d like to add one to your collection and support the collaboration so they can make more collectibles together, please visit the UMEstore at 11am PST this Friday, September 30th.

For more information give them a follow @newumetoys and @creatorsofcute!

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