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New "Devilman" edition Seeer & Shaman lottery from The Devil's Kaiju!

The psychedelic twins, the Seeer & the Shaman, from The Devil's Kaiju, have returned this month in a classic Devilman colorway. Pulled in turquoise blue vinyl, sprayed with minty green, black and aquamarine blue base colors, then detailed with orange and gold hand paints. Each figure comes completed with hand painted TDK den-den drum with bell charms. SEEER/Shaman stands approx. 5.5” /13.5 cm tall. Made in sofubi in Japan, painted right in sunny Arizona! Due to limited quantity, SEEER/Shaman Devilman will be sold via lottery for right to purchase.

Lottery is now open!

Rules for entry:
1. Send ONE email only please to: thedevilskaiju@gmail.com
2. Email title MUST be: Devilman lotto
3. Email Body (English please/ No special characters):

Your Full name:
Shipping Address:
Paypal Email Address:
Outside US only: Phone Number:
(China Only: Resident ID number:)

Please specify your order of preference of figures in email body. Example: 1st Choice - Seeer OR 2nd choice - Shaman ***If you are only going for one choice, please do not list a second option.***

Please get lottery emails sent in by Wednesday, September, 28th at 5pm Pacific Time. Winners will be chosen at random Wednesday evening and will receive an email notification and Paypal invoice at that time. Winners will have 48 hours to pay or another will be selected.

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