7Sketches x Strangecat Toys x From The Heart Hawaii - "Purple Pain" edition Sad Panda release announced!

"So I asked Sad Panda, “Oh no, what happened to your head? Are you ok??” And he replied, “I’ve been sad for so long, other fur kids were saying ‘Maybe he has an oweee of the mind’, so I put a bandaid on my head to heal it. I put two so it’ll heal faster” So that’s why he rocking those bandaids, poor little fella. Hope you guys can lift his spirits and bring some joy into his sad life." New from the folks over at Strangecat Toys... introducing the "Purple Pain" edition of Sad Panda by artist 7Sketches. Produced by Strangecat Toys & From The Heart Hawaii, this new colorway is just too cute... and look at that purple, love how subtle it is, almost pastel! Sitting 4.5" tall, this vinyl figure will be limited to 100 pieces and will be up for grabs from Strangecat Toys & From The Heart Hawaii this Saturday, September 24th at 4pm PST for just $70 a pop!

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