Toy Art Gallery announces their releases for Five Points Festival!

TOY ART GALLERY will be attending FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL in Brooklyn, NY this weekend 6/25-6/26... and with them, they're bringing a bevy of exclusives and customs from old friends and new, so come check them out at booth 141! Follow them on Instagram @toyartgallery for more previews and info. All remaining work will go online at toyartgallery.com next week following the show!

FIVE POINTS FEST 2022 Exclusives:
- BusyBye and Babylonian Dog Set
Devils Kaiju - Blazing Buddha Aleister Growley
DNA Toy - Bruiser
Galaxy People - Sensorship and Interceptor
KaijuOne - Eliminator, Kung Fu Master, Bad Mother Fucker, Kaiju Buddha
Kayo - Maniya
Mike Dev - Pandanaut
UHOH Toys - Paca, Bergamot, Mini Cinematron, Mini Cutnose

TAG TOYS Exclusives:
Deathcat Toys
- Akumaneko Set
Izumonster - Savage King
James Groman - Brachiosore
Joseph Harmon - Wolf Thing Bat Mother Glitter
Kenth Toy Works - Crossbone Zombie
Martin Ontiveros - Skullion Handpaints, Hextraterrestrials Handpaints, Glampyre

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