'Monster City' Toy Box vinyl art toy from Emergency Toys... is spectacular!

Emergency Toys, based out of Paris, continue to wow us with their creations... and their latest, is a massive undertaking with an amazing result. Introducing the MONSTER CITY TOY BOX... and yeah, it's badaass! These toy boxes are sculpted and produced by Emergency Toys own Bertrand Charlot (@bertrandcharlot) and are are the mix between art toy culture and contemporary design... his way of mixing antique 15th century art objects and popular cultural influences - oh, and another toybox is coming soon, it's even bigger (50cm high) called Relation toybox!

Available in 2 colorways: Black Matte (limited to 100) and Glossy White (limited to 100). Both are 2 parts and total is 40cm tall (almost 16") of vinyl. Sold with a silk printed color signed certificate, and full color packaging, these are available HERE right now for €199($213) each... and yeah, you can actually put stuff inside them - making the name 'toy box' actually functional!

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