L2B CREATIONZ presents “PIECES OF PEACE” Sticker Pack & M!N! ART TOY!

“PIECES OF PEACE” Sticker Pack & M!N! ART TOY from L2B CREATIONZ is a whole lot of fun in one lil package! Hidden inside is this peacefully pleasant pack is 7 “PIECES OF PEACE” Stickers and A 2" tall M!N! Art Toy (4 possible styles to collect) *chosen randomly... which could be: Lil Peace, Goldie, Sparkles, and 2-Tone! TRY AND COLLECT ALL 4... and at $22.22 each, that's easy to do! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE AID OF UKRAINE ( by way of WAR.UKRAINE.UA ). On top of this release you can download their FREE “PIECES OF PEACE” COLORING PAGES on www.L2BCREATIONZ.com! This all happens HERE on May 16th 2022 - don't miss out and know it's for a great cause!

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