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"Boltron" soft vinyl mech revealed from Mech Head Massacre!

As a toy maker, he goes by Mech Head Massacre, but as a human from earth... he's Aaron, and he just sent over some awesome info about an upcoming release that me pretty excited - introducing "Boltron" - "Boltron! The mechanized tower of terror. The first to arrive from a hierarchy based in the Tarturatech Realm." - EPIC! It stands a massive 13" tall, is comprised of 11 parts, and is made of soft vinyl. Slated to release in June of 2022... he's still ironing out all the details that goes into this, but the first drop will be a short run of black colored blank units. To follow the progress of this release along with anything else MHM releases, be sure to follow him on Instagram HERE and his Facebook HERE!

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