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Duca's '5M5A' - 5Melanzasca5Artists project with FerMG!

We were recently sent word from Italian based artist, Duca, as he is excited to show off what he is calling the '5M5A' - 5Melanzasca5Artists project and the first artist he is showcasin is FerMG! Duca sent out a customizable blank version of his Melanzasca resin art figure to 5 artists and asked them to go to work on them... every piece is a one of a kind piece (1/1) signed, numbered and dated by the artist.

The first release is made by FerMG, a custom he is calling Patrick Potato Melanzasca... a wonderful custom that appears to be a mashup of Mr. Potato Head and Patrick Starfish... and this figure has added magnets on the figure allowing you to move parts around... just like Mr. Potato Head! Standing 7.5" tall and up for grabs HERE right now... don't miss your opportunity to own an awesome art figure!

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