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5 Creative DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Toys That You'll Love!

Whether you are a kid or an adult, there would always be a part of you that would always be a child. Finding a toy that would satisfy this childish side while enhancing your brain activity to develop it further is very easy... and I know this is a bit off the beaten path than what I normally post, but it's soooo friggen cool! The 3D wooden puzzle is currently trending as children and adults are recognizing it as an enjoyable pastime. They are suitable for a person's brain activity as they let you think of creative ways to play with these DIY toys. They also allow children to run their imagination to create new ideas and let them tell good stories on top of their heads.
One of the things that everyone has a hard time fighting against is boredom... you can only play so many Words With Friends games, am I right?!?! Teenagers and adults quickly get bored, so that DIY puzzle toy from Robotime can be the answer to this problem. Not only does it remove boredom, but it also helps their mind to think fast, which can affect their decision-making and their memory when it comes to their studies and businesses. It also has a unique charm that people receiving them would appreciate the effort in building the puzzle. Check out these 5 popular 3D wooden puzzle kits that I found to be most interesting:

Luminous Globe Model
This 3D wooden puzzle globe ornament has a classical and sophisticated look, and can also be used as a night light that gives a glow-like light and warmth inside your room. It is recommended for children 14 years old and above and can be assembled in around 4-8 hours estimated time.

Marble Night City Marble Run
This is a more extensive size marble run with a fancier look. Many have requested it from customers for a longer fun time with the family. This 3D wooden puzzle has combined two branches to create a wonderful and exciting fun activity for the family. It is recommended for 14 years of age and above while it has an estimated building process of 7 hours.

Owl Clock with Mechanical Gears
This 3D wooden puzzle is educational because it is a real clock that tells an accurate time. It has a unique charm with its natural pendulum and its elegant looks that attracts every person that sees this wooden clock. This toy is shaped like an owl, and the clock runs on batteries. It can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. It can be assembled within 4 hours, and if constructed properly, it can tell time for 1-3 hours.

Romantic Carousel Mechanical Music Box
This puzzle has three charms that attract anybody who sees them. It challenges the mind to create a carousel that shows off a lovely merry-go-round that gives a romantic feel that all ages can enjoy. In addition, it's beautiful music contributes to it's romantic appeal. This music box is a perfect gift for your partner and children. It can be assembled in around 4.5 hours, and it is for those above 14 years old.

3D Monocular Telescope
This 3D wooden puzzle is a replica of one pirate telescope that has been made exquisitely. It has three tubes that can magnify the objects through its lens. Any object can be used with this wooden puzzle as long as it fits the physical requirements of the telescope. It is good for those people who love adventures as the telescope has a sight distance of 500 ft. It is a cool and unique gift for adventure lovers as it has a unique charm that matches their taste. This can also stimulate the children's adventurous side who are interested in watching the stars or just watching things around them.
With the DIY toys trending in the market, you can easily find something that would catch your interest to help overcome your boredom, and these toys give enjoyment and stimulate the brain. This enables you to keep a healthy mind and a good outlet for stress.

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