Sideshow x BUA - Elements of Hip Hop resin art toys... are amazing!

Through their artistry, the Elements of Hip Hop symbolize and evoke unity, brotherhood, and positivity.” – BUA

Justin Bua’s dynamic and evocative paintings have transcended the perceived boundaries between style and genre, and between fine art and street art... and now, the folks over at Sideshow have done the unimaginable, preserved his fluid movements and unmistakable style as they created a series of resin art toys celebrating the 'Elements Of Hip Hop'! Each of these deluxe statues is carefully stored in its own custom-designed museum-style packaging, with a degree of consideration, protection, and presentation worthy of a piece of fine art.

Justin Bua said: “The four Elements of Hip Hop — The Artist, The MC, The DJ, and The B-Boy — are physical representations of the heroes of Hip Hop. These archetypes embody the pride that I have for this music, this art, and this community — and now, for the first time ever, the icons that I painted are being re-born in three dimensions". Released as a series for 4 figures, each retailing for $400 a pop, you can pick up: THE ARTIST (10” tall and 7.5” wide), THE MC (11.5” tall and 7.5” wide), THE DJ (10” tall and 10” wide), and THE B-BOY (10” tall and 13” wide)... all are amazing and all would be a fantastic addition to any collection! Head on over HERE right now to pick them up!

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