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New from Mighty Jaxx: Droopy Cat (Trippy Edition) by PoOL!

It’s a wonderful world of droopy, trippy whimsy! "Your imagination isn’t playing tricks on you. Can you believe in 6 impossible things before the tea party? See here is a cat, with a grin so wide his uvula is as apparent as the sky is blue. Here is a cat that isn’t black, brown, or white - but striped in hues of purple with camo pants. Here is a cat, whose grin is so wide his heavy glowing tongue droops and drags behind. Here is a cat that's going on a trip so wild he walks on his 2 hind legs. Here is a cat with crossed-out eyes but with the ability to see beyond. Here is a cat leading the way, as parts of him droop off his tail." So let him guide you to the tea party and traverse through a whimsical world of delights. 

New from Mighty Jaxx and the mind of PoOl comes 'Droopy Cat' in an all new "TRIPPY" edition... standing 6" tall by 9" wide, this vinyl figure will be up for pre-sale HERE this Saturday, April 2nd at 6am for $169... so get one while the getting is good!

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