KAWS x All Right Reserved - KAWS: Holiday Changbai Mountain vinyl figure release announced!

ChooooChooo... all aboard the hype train as the folks over at All Rights Reserved have teamed up, once again, with KAWS to release a capsule collecton of sorts, and the main focous on this blog post is the vinyl art toy! The HOLIDAY CHANGBAI MOUNTAIN edition will come in 3 different colorways: Brown, Snowy White, and Black... all of which are replicas of the massive sculpture (art installation) that graces Changbai Mountain, Baishan City, Jilin Province in China! Sitting 8.5" tall and retailing for HK$2,590($332) each, this will be a pre-order (Shipping begins from late March 2022). No word on if these are open edition or not, so if you want one, head on over HERE to sign up to get notified on the drop... which, by the way, is happening this coming Friday, January 7th at 7pm PST! Oh... and there will be a snow globe, hand warmer, and jacket up for grabs as well!

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