Superplastic x Gorillaz - Spacesuit Set... the final frontier!

I was JUST talking about I hope that Superplastic makes more Gorillaz figures because that last set was serious FIRE ( check it out in our most recent YouTube unboxing )... well, they must have watched the video because just now, they put up for grabs an all new designer toy set, one like we have never seen before! This time, Superplastic is sending the Gorillaz into space with this all new Spacesuit Set! 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel are prepared for 'Strange Timez’ in spacesuits and jetpacks with LIGHT UP EYES and special gravity defying tools for Murdoc and Noodle... legit WONDERFUL!

Standing at 12" tall, each one features a seriously catching looking super vibrant spacesuit... you can snag each one up for $110 a pop OR buy all 4 figures for $420 - a nice savings if you do the bundle! Oh, and did we mention LIGHT UP EYES?!?! Yeah, I know we did, but how fricken cool is that?!?! Head on over HERE right now to pull the trigger on these via pre-order (shipping will happen February 2022)!

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