*REVIEW* Strawberry Snail "Original" edition by Anonymous Rat - The sweetest little snail you have ever seen!

What is Strawberry Snail? Strawberry Snail is a 4×4.5×5″ Soft Vinyl Toy, designed by No. 1 Ratty and independently produced by Anonymous Rat... and they sent one of these goofy vinyl figures out for me to check out in person, and I did just that and recorded the above video! Check out the full review over on our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe!
The Story of Strawberry Snail "Strawberry Snail is one of the fruitiest residents of the Anonymous Rat neighborhood. Late one night, Ratty was spraying mysterious chemicals onto the strawberry fields, and something went wrong! The strawberries started to mutate and combine with the snails on the ground! Ratty had discovered Strawberry Snail!" This Original Colorway of Strawberry Snail is an open-edition release. The Strawberry Snail comes in a full-color box featuring original artwork illustrated by No. 1 Ratty! Each box also has a seal of authenticity and is individually numbered! Grab one for $70!

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