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Half ghoul, half kraken, all dead... JIMMY 8" polystone art toy from 8PM on Kickstarter now!

Half ghoul, half kraken, all dead... JIMMY is an 8" high-quality polystone resin statue for the strange and unusual because JIMMY himself is strange and unusual. JIMMY is outfitted with his favorite hoodie and AF1 sneakers to take on whatever the underworld may throw at him. He is classy enough to be displayed among your collection or casual enough for your desk, bookshelf, or even bathroom! (He prefers bathrooms). Created by Bay Area artist 8PM, this awesome looking character is up on Kickstarter right now looking to get funded and fully produced!
Stylizticly, this has it all... at least for me - a skull, tentacles, fresh kicks, and for this initial colorway... that matte black with teal/mint highlights *chef kiss*! JIMMY wears many colors, many masks, and many, many hats... but for his Kickstarter debut, he comes in a limited 1st edition "Minty" colorway. Head on over HERE right now to help make this dream a reality... not to mention get in on the ground floor of what really seems to be an awesome character who is jst starting to get deleloped!

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