3DRetro x Viveros - DirtyTrooper vinyl ‘Bullheaded’ statue to debut at Designer Con 2021!

Yo! Check out this heat from 3DRetro... and a sick release happening this weekned at Dcon 2021! They teamed up with Brian M. Viveros and will be debuting his first ever limited edition vinyl DirtyTrooper statue ‘Bullheaded’. Details are still out on this, but at least we get a good look at it... so amazing! This is super limited edition will be available at the 3DRetro booth #405 (Brian will be hanging at the 3DRetro booth #405 on Saturday from 1pm-2pm ) and then from 3pm-4pm at the Medicom booth #805 for his BE@RBRICK release. Will update this post when more info is acquired!

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