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APPortfolio x Hikari Shimoda's latest resin art toy release... "Light up! Lonely Hero and Obake"!

APPortfolio x Hikari Shimoda's latest limited collection..."Light up! Lonely Hero and Obake" will soon be released! Gentleness is the eternal light in the dark world • Hikari's Lonely Hero is a lonely magical boy, the last boy on the planet, destined to save the world from humanity. The character made his first appearance in Hikari's 2011 painting entitled "Lonely Hero", and has been a fixture in her work ever since. Obake, the Japanese word for "ghost", is his friendly counterpart, a spirit representing the human race.

Since 2017, APPortfolio has been rooted deeply in the limited art market. Together with Hikari Shimoda, they created a variety of limited art editions. Among them, "Lonely Hero And Obake" is a classic image that APPortfolio team boldly experimented with different outlooks and materials. Over the years, the artist’s limited art sculptures have been enthusiastically sought after by fans. This time, Lonely Hero (limited edition), containing the light and darkness of the universe in his special pupils along with a story of life and death, came to us again. Releasing as a 15" tall resin art toy with 3 colorways, which include: Light up ! Lonely Hero and Obake (Blue edition of 300 pieces - retail $1,130), Light up ! Lonely Hero and Obake (Jelly purple edition of 150 - retail $1,386), and a special hidden version - Light up ! Lonely Hero and Obake (Photochromic edition of 38 pieces - retail $3,595), "Light up! Lonely Hero and Obake" comes with NFC anti-counterfeiting technology and artist signature certificate. These will be available HERE via lottery from September 23, 2021, 10:00AM – October 1, 11:00AM, Beijing time

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