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9 Happy Meal toys we would have loved to have seen in the 80's... so let's see them today!

From their first inception in 1979, the Happy Meal has brought joy to millions of children's meal times all around the globe - Who would've thought the combination of fries, nuggets and a collectable toy would have been such a winning formula? Over the years, McDonalds carefully curated Happy Meal themes for people to enjoy. Often drawing from the current zeitgeist of films, TV shows and sporting events to capture children's imagination and turn the current Happy Meal toy into a must-have collectible.

Iconic characters from The Muppets, Garfield and Star Wars have been immortalized in Happy Meal history, but with Pokemon and Space Jam set to reignite Happy Meal hysteria, TheToyZone decided to delve back into history and give their favorite 80’s TV shows and movies a Happy Meal makeover. The team collaborated with CGI artist Jan Koudela to cook up imaginary Happy Meal toys and boxes in the style of their favorite and most iconic ‘80s screen heroes... which include the following: Top Gun • Ferris Bueller's Day Off • The Shining • The A-Team • The Breakfast Club • Knight Rider • My Neighbor Totoro • Blade Runner • Labyrinth - all of which could very well be made today! Such a fun project and a shame they are just renders right now - maybe one day they will become reality, maybe not as a Happy Meal toy but as an actual action figure OR ReAction figure?!?! For more on this project, hit the link HERE

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