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Amphibia Ignivomus from Naomi Knaff!

"The Amphibia Ignivomus was first spotted in the middle-ages by a fleet of adventurers that spotted the 3 coned volcano from afar. Eager to explore, they rushed towards it, only to find a gigantic 50 feet amphibian monster reaching out of the water, drooling lava from it's mouth. They narrowly escaped a harrowing death and lived the tell the tale of the Amphibia Ignivomu. It is still talked about today when the good sea men and women disappear mysteriously." Standing an impressive 7" tall, created, cast, and painted by artist Naomi Knaff, her Amphibia Ignivomus are upon us! These resin monsters are all one-offs and there are just 3 to go around... how fun are these?!?! Those undies and super bright colors are vibing big time! Snag them up HERE for $110 a pop this Friday, September 10th at 11am PST!

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