"Star Seekers" custom SUG from Muju... WOW!

This 1/1 custom SUG vinyl sculpture by Miss Muju is available to buy this weekend via silent auction... and if you know me and what I love... I just love me some UNKL, and this custom is seriously AMAZING! Produced in 2005 and standing 12" tall, this custom entitled "Star Seekers" this custom features an iconic Muju character, the 'Rainbow Daydreamer' who is incorporated into this piece as a passenger, riding on a bamboo staff.

Miss Muju created the indented Star Mandala by carving the design into the vinyl and on top of that, to create this sculpture, a new head was sculpted for the SUG, which is attached by strong magnets. A special bamboo staff was made for the Muju Daydreamer to ride on, with a sculpted leaf umbrella attached. A new left hand had to be sculpted to hold the staff (this replaced the soft vinyl hand that the SUG originally came with). A wool felt rucksack and bedroll were hand stitched and attached with velcro so the figure can be displayed with or without the bag. Bidding will be possible via direct messages to Miss Muju’s instagram: @miss_muju or messages to the Mujuworld facebook page. The reserve price for this artwork is set at £750. Bids will be accepted from: 7pm Friday, August 13th - 7pm on Sunday, August 15th! Good luck... whoever gets this for their collection, they are super lucky!

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