Fools Paradise’s Batman Returns with “I Won't Be A Hero, Tim // GID" edition!

First released HERE back in 2015 was the beginning of the “I Won't Be A Hero, Tim" saga created by the folks over at Fools Paradise, then in 2016, the follow-up release of “I Won't Be A Hero, Tim #2!"... now, we revisit this awesome figure set with the “I Won't Be A Hero, Tim // GID" edition!

Depicting a muscular, almost Frank Miller-esque rendition of The Dark Knight being tattooed by a stylized rendition of Tim Burton, this homage to Batman sits at over 10" tall, and the “Bat Lowfool” character features tattoo riddled arms, light blue costume, and a box to sit on where Tim comes with 2 heads, a very alive version, and an undead one along with a tattoo gun and yeah... both figures feature some great glow elements! Limited to 499 sets worldwide, you can pre-order one HERE right now for $430 (shipped globally on 3rd Quarter of 2022)!

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