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Fools Paradise nails it with "I won't be a Hero, Tim"!

We have been following Fools Paradise Batman for a while (see evidence 1, 2 and 3) and are definitely more than excited about the direction Alan is taking everyone's favourite tortured 'super' hero. What I personally like about this set, other than the gorgeous broodiness of the ensemble, is the embedded narrative which, admittedly, I know too little of comics to comment on. I'm loving the details of the tattoos though!

The artistic style invokes Tim Burton and many have indeed asked if he had been the inspiration behind it. Trust me, the switchable skeletal head on the tattoo artist isn't helping, and neither does naming it I won't be a Hero, Tim.

The window for pre-order is currently open and will close on 7th Dec, and it goes for $269 (+$20 shipping).

Does not come with vignetting

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