DuBose Skull Dangler "Boo Berry" GID vinyl Tenacious Toys exclusive release!

Tenacious Toys is thrilled to continue their support of independent creators and manufacturers with another exclusive release... the "Boo Berry" GID Skull Dangler by Jonathan DuBose - a monstrous 8" tall vinyl art toy designed and produced by DuBose Art. While the Skull Dangler is available in a rainbow of colors in the DuBoseArt shop, the GID Boo Berry colorway is a Tenacious Toys shop exclusive. DuBoseArt’s popular Mini Figure The Plague Beast has evolved and mutated into the Skull Dangler! There are only 30 Boo Berry Skull Danglers made and they are priced at $140 each. Boo Berry Skull Danglers will be released on the Tenacious Toys homepage HERE at 9am PST on Friday August 13th!

But wait, there's more! Each Boo Berry Skull Dangler will come with an exclusive sticker as well as a free enamel pin. Customers looking to create a super deluxe version can opt to head over to the DuBoseArt.com shop to pick up a Clear Blue Ooze head to place on top of the Skull Dangler (must purchase Ooze Head separately). DuBose offers a selection of optional alternative heads which fit all Skull Danglers.

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