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*REVIEW/UNBOXING* - "This is Fine" Dumpster Fire from KC Green & 100% Soft! 🔥☕️🐕

*Just revealed and posted up yesterday on our site, we secured an advance copy of this before the release to show you all first hand how EPIC it really is... so check out the video review above - subscribe/like/comment if you have not done so yet!* First created as a web comic back by artist KC Green in 2013 titled “on Fire”, this shows dog sitting at a table while the room around him is engulfed in flames with him saying “This is Fine”… well, this caught fire, figuratively speaking, on Reddit and Imgur in 2014 and turned into what most of us know as the uber popular “This is Fine” meme. Well… this has come full circle into the designer art toy world thanks to Truck Torrance of 100% Soft as he married his dumpster fire along with KC Green’s “This Is Fine” dog into one amazing designer toy – the “This is Fine” edition of the Dumpster Fire toy, the perfect antidote for a world on fire! This will be available via the 100% Soft online store this Saturday, July 24th at 11am PST for $30 a pop, and ships in September 2021.

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