Quiccs x Martian Toys - "VOLTEQ63" TIGERS MODE: 6" & 4 x 3" MicroTEQ Set

Talk about one heck of a TEQTUESDAY... Divided We Stand - The "VOLTEQ63" Tigers Mode Special Edition Set is Martian Toys follow-up release to Quiccs cult classic 12" MEGA VOLTEQ63. This rad set features the "disassembled" Tigers squad featuring the green, red, blue, and yellow as 3" MicroTEQs lead by the big black 6" Tiger TEQ63, packaged in a special edition display box!

Stocks are on hand and ready, and this set is limited to just 599 pieces and will retail for $250 - for 5 figures... pretty killer! Releasing at these fine retailers: Bulletpunk.com (ph orders only), Martiantoys.com, and Iamretro.com - these will be up for grabs TOMORROW - Tuesday, April 6th at 9am PST! Good hunting tigers! Stay safe, and see you on the other side!

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