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Munky King presents: 'YEYE' a designer toy inspired by Asian American victims of hate crimes!

The recent rise in violent racially motivated attacks against Asian Americans is made more heinous by the fact that many of the victims are elderly. Children of Asian immigrants remember helping their parents and grandparents study for their naturalization test—a test that didn’t prepare them for the fact that they will never be seen as fully American. Now these elders are being slammed to the sidewalks, beaten in subways, and brutally murdered day after day. Asian Americans deserve to be treated as any other citizens of The United States, not targets of hatred, vitriol, and violence. The time for silence is over... and the folks over at Munky King are teaming up with YARMS to make a designer art toy that speaks to this very thing!

YEYE is the second installment of the Truth to Power line of designer toys following THE MESSENGER, a tribute to Colin Kaepernick’s historic protest. Munky King has collaborated with YARMS design studio to create the likeness of the grandfather of the company’s founder. “My Yeye lived peacefully in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district amidst the chaos of the roughest neighborhood in the city. Were he alive today, would he still be treated as a human being? Because the inhumanity visited on these recent victims makes obvious the fact that we continue to be seen as something other.” - Patrick Lam, President of MK As a leading producer of designer toys for over a decade, MunkyKing is proud to present YEYE as a 6.5” limited edition collectible. MunkyKing hopes to raise awareness of the reality of AAPI hate and violence and will donate portions of the proceeds to support aligned charities. Stop AAPI Hate. More info on this when we get it... but a truly awesome piece that is noble in its cause!

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