ES. Book No.4: Edminion Earthbeing, Chapter: Eggplant. from Sumadinata

"There's story about the moon who adapting. About peculiar event with an UFO called TESO and about similarity". Indonesian based artist, Riandi Sumadinata, shares with us his latest resin creation 'ES No.4: Edminion Earthbeing, Chapter: Eggplant' - standing 5" tall and cast in resin, this peculiar looking figure reminds us of Vaughn Bodē's art.. very cool, and Mr Eggplant is limited to just 12 pieces worldwide and retails for $70 a pop... every piece includes: Stickers Pack, Plastic Pins, Coffee Coasters, and a Certificate of Authenticity. Snag one up HERE right now!

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