Danger Dog Gray DIY vinyl 5-inch figure from Tenacious Toys!

"Not as dangerous as he seems, this little canine buddy likes his chin scratched and lying in sunshine. Long walks, gnawing on a chew toy and playing with the local deli cat Gato are how he spends his days. Danger is the official Tenacious Toys mascot: a lifelong friend, loyal to the end." Danger Dog, the Tenacious Toys mascot, was originally illustrated by Playful Gorilla, translated into 3D by hand by Mike "NEMO" Mendez, with tooling master produced in resin by Dead Hand Toys... and now in a really cool GRAY edition DIY vinyl! Standing 5" tall, this 2-piece figure articulates at the neck and is available HERE right now for just $40 a pop!

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