Strangecat Toys presents: 'Blurred Lines' a group show on resin Khali by Fluff Riot!

Strangecat Toys and Fluff Riot are beyond thrilled to announce the Khali custom show titled BLURRED LINES; exploring the relationship between sculptural art and designer toys! The show uses the resin Khali sculpt by Fluff Riot as the platform for the show and will take place at Strangecat Toys Gallery! This kicks off on Friday, February 5th at 4pm PST and includes work from the following artists: @mpgautheron, @jessica_emmett, @mrmarsstudios, @smallandround, @thomashanart, @christopherluke, @mrkumkum, @mjhsu, @chrisrwk, @mumbot, @ratokim, @elenakazi, @kkeirnsart, @ghostfoxtoys, @czee13art, @ciou_art, @zeroproductivity, and @kristykitsune!

All pieces will be up for grabs first to those able to attend the gallery in person, remaining show pieces will be up online HERE at 7pm PST for the rest of the world. The roster of artists participating in the show is absolutely breathtaking, and as you can see, all of them really did an awesome job on this super cool new figure!

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