One Formula 'Clockwork Orange' edition Canbot by Sket One... a Tenacious Toys exclusive!

Danger ⚠️ Extremely Dope and Pure Collectibility: One Formula 'Clockwork Orange' Canbot by Sket One! The OG legend Sket One has teamed up with Czee13 & Clutter to bring you a killer series of Canz that are Classics. The latest in the series of Canz by Sket-One is the Clockwork Orange One Formula releasing exclusively through the amazing Tenacious Toys! Standing at 5.5” with its trademark rattle, this dope Canbot fits perfectly with the rest of the Canz family! This is the 5oz version of the Sket One design that appears in the Blind Box series 1!! Grab this now to be the perfect partner! Up for grabs HERE on Friday, February 26th, at 9am PST for $85 a pop, this is limited to 300 pieces, so snag one up while you can because these will sell out!

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