Flat Bonnie exclusives for Dcon 2020!

Flat Bonnie is taking Dcon 2020 on full steam and has some really fun exlusives up for grabs and a few other items as well for he virtual experience. She will have 2 exclusives for Dcon. Exclusive #1: Poseble Flat Bonnie Plush - Exercise Edition, this will be $50.00 and stands 12" tall poseble plush. (Yoga mat NOT included) *comes with an adoption certificate. It's a poseble (Pose-able) plush with flexible armature inside • Exclusive #2: "Bunnywise" Plush will be $50.00 and this stands 12" tall as well and is plush *comes with an adoption certificate!

The next piece is for a Back to the Future Tribute Art Show called "A FLUX IN TIME". This art show is a part of DesignerCon this year. Titled "OUTATIME" this will retail for $280.00 and is a one-off creation that measures 12" x 8" anf is Vinyl Wall Art!

Lastly, a piece that is a collaboration art plush with Nathan Hamill (Plush design based on Nathan Hamill's original art). Titled "Mini Plush Capacitor", this will retail for $60.00, measures 8" tall x 6" wide, and comes with special sewn-in label and signed hangtag.

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