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The coolest versions of these GO NAGAI classics! Devilman, Sirene & Mazinger Z... HEADS?!?!

REAL DEVILHEAD ( Go Nagai DEVILMAN) - DEVILMAN X REAL EYERON HEAD (NORMAL VER.) - Jukebox Vinyl is proud and excited to bring you the official Dynamic Production licensed product, the Real EyeRon Head x Devilman product, also known as the Real Devil Head series. The Devilman (デビルマン) series was illustrated by Go Nagai as a 39-episode anime series before adapting into the 5-volume manga series in 1972. 

Real Devil Head- Devilman... Apart from the traditional Devilman color theme being applied to the face, a new mold is developed to emphasize the signature wings of Amon & Devilman. The wings have particularly brought life to the figure by installing a sense of motion. REAL DEVILHEAD (SIRENE) - DEVILMAN X REAL EYERON HEAD (NORMAL VER.) - Other than Devilman, we’d like to introduce you Devilman’s forever rival, Sirene. Sirene is not only a respectable enemy in the series but also symbolizes the importance of feminism. Similar to the Devilman, a new sculpt is developed to emphasize the twin antennae on the crest as well as the signature white wings of Sirene. 
Devilman has no doubt been rated one of the most impactful works across the last four decades due to its influence across all genres. It has clearly inspired various manga/ anime series later on.

REAL MECHA HEAD SERIES MAZINGER Z - Jukebox Vinyl are proud and excited to bring you the official licensed Real EyeRon Head x Mazinger Z products, also known as the Real Mecha Head series. Mazinger Z was is a super robot manga/ anime written and illustrated by the respected Go Nagai in the 1970s… Over these years Mazinger Z had come hand to hand with Devilman and continues to be the main franchise of Dynamic Production. Nagai has revolutionized the super-robot genre, where his robots were the first to have an actual pilot in the cockpit. His impact was so great that many of his designs are seen as being the standard that all other mecha robots are held up against later on. Mazinger Z and the Great Mazinger are up for pre-order HERE right now... go get them, they are amazing!

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