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[Launching soon on Kickstarter!] TheFinalBosses Limited Edition Designer Toys... designed for a purpose!!!

TheFinalBosses is a promising and budding creator of limited edition designer vinyl toys. They create Vinyl Collectibles that follow deliberate episodes that talk about prevailing problems around the world. Episode 1 "Anti-Bully", looks at the problem of bullying and how we should all be an upstander and help those in need. The toys are made of Vinyl and have fine matte finishing to create that sharp and detailed finish. We highly recommend reading their story below and supporting them in their Kickstarter campaign (Link can be found below). All the best to TheFinalBosses!

Deliberate Episodes: TheFinalBosses create and release toys on an episode by episode basis, following a deliberate storyline that talks about prevailing problems that people face around the world. Each toy is specially crafted and designed to raise awareness on these problems. In Episode 1, they talk about “Anti-Bullying”. Paito, the main character, was bullied and could be seen crying along the hallway. Lusus being an upstander witnessed the incident and comforted Paito. This harmless act, though small, was impactful towards Paito’s recovery and getting him back on his feet.

Characters: Paito is a founding member of "TheFinalBosses". Lusus, same age as Paito, grew up together in the same town. Though within close proximity, they had very different lives. Lusus constantly rains "protection" over Paito, helping him lead a normal life that any kid deserves. Paisus wears a hybrid helmet that integrates both Paito and Lusus, exuding energy from both Paito and Lusus. Paito and Lusus are made of vinyl and designed to have a retro toy look. They both stand at 12" tall. Paisus is also made of vinyl and stands at 7" tall. They will be packed in handsome eureka boxes. Take a chance and open one to see what you get!

TheFinalBosses will be launching really soon! What are you waiting for? Join the Bosses family now and back TheFinalBosses campaign by clicking the "Notify me on launch" button via this link HERE right now! You won't regret it!

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