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New from Martian Toys: Squad Scale Kuncat OG Polkadot edition by Sakun!!!

The Squad Grows... New from Martian Toys, and what they are calling the SQUAD SCALE, these popular characters by amazing artists are using a familiar platform as their body but are new Members in the Endgame Squad. The First was Gorogocho’s Ukiuk, and now the release of Kuncat by SAKUN. A Designer from Korea and creator of lifestyle/clothing brand Sakun / Kuncat. Kuncat Recently released as an Anatoy Design and now KunCat takes his first form on the Squad Scale for a limited edition with more to come (can you spot some in that photo above?).
"Chasing the Endgame Quest through the streets of Manila, to the rooftops of Brooklyn you are closing in. In a dark corner of Seoul you follow those famous horns as they duck down a dimly lit alleyway. Halfway in you sense your mistake as you hear a gravely purrr all around you. You’ve entered to turf of the KunCats. These sadistic cats with their two tone eyes are grinning from ear to ear as they size you up." The Now Classic 6” Squad Scale and a body you’ll recognize, these ferocious KunCats are here and their claws are out. Releasing HERE this Friday, September 18th at 12Noon PST for $90 a pop, this figure comes with 2 sets of arms and is limited to 150 pieces! So rad and soooo awesome to see more figure/heads on this body!

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