ABYSS TOMORROW by Kiyokawa is now available exclusively at Toy Art Gallery!

The toy line ‘Abyss Tomorrow’ was launched in 2019 by Chairman Ca of Kiyokawa. It's based on a parallel world design of the US-Soviet space race of the 1960s, with it's theme and style evocative of a once-possible alternate past of jetpacks, bubble helmets, and cupie-dolls. The Abyss Tomorrow line blasts off with two space-worthy releases; the ATOM JET set, which includes both the vehicle and pilot, and the MILK RIVULET blind box series of 8 separate toys and mini vehicles!

Toy Art Gallery is excited to be the official distributor of the Abyss Tomorrow line! The ATOM JET and MILK RIVULET series are available to pre-order right now with shipment in one to two months. The first wave of pre-orders will be open starting today and go through 10/8. The ABYSS TOMORROW pre-orders are available HERE right now... get after it!

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