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Exclusive first look of Radical Greasebat!!!

This just in... hang ten and Shaka Brah! We scored some exclusive pictures of the new Radical Greasebat figure from Jeff Lamm... and we think this guy is totally tubular! This is kicking things off through 'Glyptigo Studios' the new home for designer toys and monster needs... spearheaded by Jeff and his wife, Debra... they are devoted to the Greasyverse and all of its quirky inhabitants... and this Radical Greasebat is being made by the folks over at Monster Mind Productions! Rad Greasebat is a friendly monster that likes to surf and eat oily plastic garbage floating in the ocean. His small wings allow him to fly for short distances... and we love the vintage look and feel this piece has. No word on a price just yet, but we do know that these will drop this April, so keep those eyes peeled!