Vinyl Rage: the Bacteriophage from DoomCo Designs!

Soft Vinyl, 3D, Limited Edition, Squibbles INK, SpankyStokes, DoomCo Designs, Vinyl Rage: the Bacteriophage from DoomCo Designs
DoomCo Designs' second toy release, VINYL RAGE: the BACTERIOPHAGE is up for grabs HERE right now! Digitally designed in a mix of CAD and Virtual Reality (Oculus Medium) and produced by Squibbles Ink, this soft vinyl virus is perfect for collectors, scientists, and design enthusiasts alike! Measuring 5" tall and comprised of three components, this latest DoomCo Soft Vinyl Design comes in 6 colorways: HULK - GANGRENE - SWINE FLU - HUMAN SUIT - TULIP - JELLY SANDWICH... each viral vinyl virus belongs to an edition of 15 and is priced at just $30! Head on over HERE now to add one to your collection!