ClassicBot 80's Gold edition and Trashbot & Friend Playset review and unboxing!!!

We got our hands on a few collectibles from Classicbot and did a nice little video review/unboxing (check it out above and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you have not yet) - so away we go! The Classic 80’s Gold limited edition... yeah, this is awesome! A special edition limited to only 50 pieces worldwide. It debuted in the Beijing Toy Show in September 2018. Classicbot Classic 80's Gold Limited Edition reminiscent the glamorous days of the 80's. It rocks a glittering gold paint with the classic "Hello" slogan. Each figure is about 10cm tall and comes packed in a mini cardboard box, carries a “font suitcase” in his hand and is accompanied by his friendly mouse (model g5431b). Detachable arms are held on by magnets – the perfect way to turn Classicbot Classic into his pure computer form. These, long sold out, were available for $58 a pop.

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The Trashbot & Friends is a playset inspired by classic desktop icons in collectible form. Trashbot, Errorbot, Disk icon, Mail icon, and the Folder. Each piece is designed with nostalgic charm from a simpler time! Every figure and accessory comes with a display stand and metallic name tag. The lid on the Trashbot is functional, you can use it as a pen stand or even a desktop organizer. The entire playset is made with high-quality ABS plastic. The Trashbot with its display is about 8.5cm... super cute and perfect for you Apple fans! Up for grabs still right now, head on over HERE to get them while you can, and look for many more releases in the near future!