God Tuna vs. God Shrimp new sofubi from Sushi-L.A.!!!

Sushi, SpankyStokes, Artist, Limited Edition, Sofubi, God Tuna vs. God Shrimp new sofubi from Sushi-L.A.
Made from deepest darkest Black Rice and electric metallic Kaiju Spray, SUSHI-L.A. God Tuna and God Shrimp from artist Nakao Teppei are about to do battle and crush everything in their way! Produced by Sentinel, these monstrous iterations of Sushi-L.A. will be unleashed during the Night Market phase (after 6pm) of Toy Soul 2018 in Hong Kong at the Toys-to-Art Showcase Booth (#I-05) on December 14 - 16, 2018! Each will retail for HK$420($53)... and if you are like us, unable to attend, be sure to track down a mule as these are too good to pass up!